Insurance in the USA. General review

It is no longer a secret that for a successful and less painful life in “capitalist countries” a certain amount of insurance is required for all occasions. Without this, life is, of course, possible, but it will be very “painful” in case of any unforeseen situations.

The main insurances that you need to purchase or receive immediately are: medical (general, eye, and dental), automobile and tenant liability insurance.

If with health insurance you can still pull a little up to 2 months and then not get a penalty for it, then with a car or with tenant insurance it will not work. You may not be given an apartment/house, where insurance is a requirement, or you cannot register a car without minimum insurance (analogous to OSAGO), you can get a penalty for not having it or even suspension of rights, and in some salons they will not even be allowed to leave without insurance on your newly purchased car.

Therefore, when you move to the States, the first thing you have to do is deal with a huge number of types of insurance, their conditions, restrictions, and look for offers that are beneficial for you, since their prices vary greatly and can be simply unaffordable for beginners.